Class Registration Made Easy

Every William & Mary student knows the pain and frustration of class registration. For $5/class, Bannerstalker lets you know the moment your classes become available, allowing you to stop stressing about your classes and to enjoy your life.

What Is Bannerstalker?

Bannerstalker is the best way to get into those hard-to-get classes. Sometimes a class fills up quickly, and there is no good way to know when seats are available. Someone could drop the class overnight and you would never know about it. You could resolve to check the course listing every evening, but even then someone could beat you to it without you ever knowing. Bannerstalker makes you that person who beats everyone else to it. For $5/class, you can get notified instantly whenever your classes change status. Read more…

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get into your classes or your money back. Not sure if it's worth the money? Feel free to give us a try at no risk. We're so confident in our service that if you aren't happy with our service for any reason, we'll give you a full refund.