Terms and Conditions

These are intended to be approachable and human-readable guidlines to using Bannerstalker. This is not necessarily complete, and may be updated at any time.


To the best of my ability I will continue to make Bannerstalker as awesome and as useful as possible. However, I maintain no legal warranties about the usability or usefulness of this product. If you have any problems, contact me.

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime memberships are for one person only. If I believe you are trying to abuse your membership, I reserve the right to revoke your privileges.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact me and I'll do my best to make things right. If you're still not satisfied, I'll refund you your money. In the case of lifetime memberships, a refund will be accompanied by a cancellation of the membership.

The deadline for requesting a refund is the beginning of the next registration period after the one for which you made your purchase. For Fall registration this is usually in early November, and for Spring registration this is in late March. I maintain no obligation to refund you after the beginning of the next registration period.

I reserve the right to stop offering this guarantee if people are abusing it. However, this will only apply to new purchases; I will not revoke the guarantee from previous purchases.


We promise not to use any of the information we collect about you for anything unrelated to keeping you informed about the status of your classes.

What We Store

What We Don't Store