Bannerstalker charges a small fee to pay for class notifications and to ensure this service's continued reliable service.

Price per CRN: $5

More specifically, $5 per distinct course ID, plus $1 for additional CRNs of the same course ID. During the ordering process, you will be given the option to sign up for related CRNs such as labs or alternate sections. The first CRN for each course ID will be $5, and subsequent CRNs with the same course ID will cost only $1.

For example, if you begin ordering a Calculus II CRN, you will have the option for also signing up for several other alternate sections and labs for the class. The first Calculus II CRN will cost $5, and each additional one will be only $1. If you select another CRN from a distinct course ID, that CRN will once again be $5.